What Is Mars Retrograde? Split Souls And The Truth About Fats & Oils

Things seen and heard this week.

Forget Mercury retrograde, it’s all about Mars retrograde right now.

If you know about Mercury Retrograde, you will be forgiven for thinking you don’t need another retrograde in your life. But all is not what it seems, this article from spirit daughter tells us what we need to know about Mars Retrograde in Gemini in 2022

If you worry about burnout

Learn about recharging yourself. This video from happify, explains why we need to recharge ourselves, just as we recharge our phones. It’s crazy to think that we could be giving our devices more care than we do our bodies.

If you’re looking for a new, mysterious British drama

Watch The Devil’s Hour on Amazon Prime. It tells the story of Lucy, who keeps waking up at 3.33 am, right in the middle of the devil’s hour, she has strange dreams and visions. This one will keep you guessing!!

Did you know an egg fried in oil is healthier than a poached egg?

Me neither! Until I listened to the podcast Fats & Oils: What’s the real story? from ZOE science & nutrition.

I’m quite into nutrition at the moment and I think there is still so much for us to learn and even more importantly, unlearn, which is also touched upon in this podcast. Dr Sarah Berry explains not only about fats and oils but speaks about weight loss on low & high-fat diets.

Ever wondered why you are drawn to some people and not to others?

I certainly have! This blog post from Tanya Short gives an interesting perspective on split souls. I really enjoyed reading her thoughts on how some of us could be from the same soul, it makes perfect sense to me in some cases.

Birthday Boogie

Lots of birthday shout-outs this week! Here’s the Song of the day playlist.

This weeks question

When was the last time I felt out of my comfort zone?

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2022-11-06 00:31:00

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