How I Survived (and Thrived) Building My Business Website

Hello lovelies! 

This week, I finally finished the website for my business. I learned A LOT during this process, not just about web design. 

After spending two months on something I naively thought would take a couple of weeks, I’ve come away feeling proud of myself and a new sense of self-confidence, which is a strange feeling.

It’s almost like I feel ready now to propel myself forward in my business rather than continue to spend my time on the sidelines, hesitating about what to do.

There is a sudden sense of calm that everything is somehow falling into place, and I just need to keep moving along as I am. 

Calm and confident. Two words I rarely use when talking about myself. It’s bizarre.

I didn’t rush through my website as I usually would, eager to get it done so I could advertise my new services. It had to be right. I had to give my own business the same time and respect I would give to anyone else’s.

When I was happy with it and surprised to find I was, I sent out a quick survey to my nearest & dearest to take a look and give their honest feedback.

The replies came back quickly, and all were positive. There were one or two adjustments to be made, but not as many as I expected. And I honestly can’t express just how grateful I am to those who took the time to look, give feedback and even share my website.

I then took one final brave step. I reached out to a couple of past clients to ask for testimonials. Gulp! The response I got back was better than I could ever have hoped! So those will be proudly displayed on my website soon! 

All those late nights, early mornings, tears and battles with imposter syndrome were worth it. Once I got into the groove of it, I actually enjoyed recreating my website, so much so that I decided to do the whole thing again for my blog page!

This will give me a chance to test out the new forms and processes I’ve created for my business and tweak them where needed. So now I’m hoping my little page can return to weekly blog posts.

Thank you for sticking with me, and if you haven’t already, take a look at my website and share it with everyone you know! 

Help me to not only get my hard work recognised, but, to find the people who need me and my services. 

Sharing is the best compliment! Don’t keep it to yourself—share with friends!

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