Things Seen & Heard in January

I have been giving myself a lot more downtime in 2023.

The good thing about it is that I have had more time to watch TV, listen to podcasts, read & write, which means I can share some of those with you lovely lot.


The first series of White Lotus was brilliant and somehow, they managed to do it again with the second series.

This time, we are at the White Lotus resort in Sicily following a new set of holidaymakers, and some we may have seen before. It is filled with all the suspense and drama from the first season and maybe even just a dash more.

From the 3 generations of Italians in search of their ancestors to the uptight hotel manager with a hidden secret, there is drama at every turn.

If you’re looking for real feel-good TV, I highly recommend Ted Lasso.

A floundering London football team are looking for a new manager and after taking over her ex-husband’s beloved football team as part of her divorce, chairman Rebecca is determined to run it into the ground.

She hired Ted, a coach for an American football team, with little knowledge about “soccer” but he soon warms everyone to him with his wonderful nature and words of wisdom. It’s funny, heartwarming, with a lot of wise words, and a great cast.

If it’s a film you’re after, then you must see Everything Everywhere All At Once. I honestly could not think of a more suitable title for this film, as sometimes it feels a bit like that when you are watching, but beneath the chaos is a truly beautiful message, just as there is in life.

I absolutely loved this film, it’s strange, it’s brilliant and it’s beautiful, definitely something to watch if you need a pick-me-up.


I am currently obsessed with the Let’s Not Meet podcast. Readers send in their true horror stories and they are narrated by Andrew and occasionally a guest.

You hear true tales of people almost being abducted, break in’s to their home and their near misses with cult leaders. There is so much creepy sh*t out there!

In between the regular true-crime & horror podcasts, I do like to listen to the occasional bit of wisdom and the Facing Your Fear, Being Powerfully Vulnerable and Living Authentically episode of The Emotional Wisdom Podcast struck a chord with me.

I felt that it highlighted a lot of the thoughts and feelings I had experienced over the last 12 months, and I found myself nodding along in agreement. There are so many golden nuggets of wisdom in there, you should absolutely give it a listen.

Beauty Bargains

Check out Mamabella’s it’s packed with all your beauty needs, including some great dupes for those expensive brands. I’ve signed up for their newsletter so I’m always in the know and also applied to be on their reader review panel.

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