3 Intentions I Am Setting This Week That Do Not Involve Movement

When I set my intentions for this week, I was mindful that my ankle may still be out of action.

I was glad I had that foresight because it still isn’t back to normal. Instead, I put my focus away from exercise and onto things I could do that didn’t involve hobbling around.

Log my water intake

After a rubbish attempt at trying to increase my intake last week, I realised I needed to go back to basics.

I downloaded an app called Water Balance to keep me accountable. Each time I drink a glass of water or cup of tea, I log it on the app.

It has helped me to keep my water intake up. I get reminders throughout the day to drink more water and those have sometimes given me a nudge to take a sip from the glass I seem to have forgotten was on my desk.

Write a blog post for Clare H Writes

I decided that in order to grow my client list, I need to keep putting myself out there and what better way to showcase my work than to write blog posts?

My first post is more of a personal one, talking about how I got into writing. I loved writing it and once I have posted it on my website, I will of course share it with you here.

Make a content list for February

Last month, I made a list of the posts I wanted to write for January. It helped to give structure to my week and my blog posts.

I have lots of ideas and have discovered a really useful app for mind mapping called Mind Node, so I have been having fun with that and am looking forward to bringing some new content your way.

What are your intentions for this week?

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2023-02-07 13:34:00

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