January Was Unpredictable Yet I Still Feel Positive

My first reflection of 2023.

I had hoped to be looking back on January and saying that I had lost a stone and had an abundance of new clients, but it didn’t quite go that way.

That being said, it was a positive month overall and here’s why.

Self Reflection

I got back into completing daily self-reflection in the mornings and evenings. It genuinely puts me in a better mindset. Writing things such as what I am excited about, what I am committed to and reminding myself of my main goals each morning, really motivates me.

In the evening, I write about what I have learned that day, where I have made progress and what I am grateful for. This always gives me a sense of accomplishment, especially on those days when I feel as if I haven’t done much.

On the occasional day when I don’t complete self-reflection, there is a noticeable dip in my mood, my motivation is low and my productivity is stifled. It’s definitely something that’s here to stay.


Although I injured my ankle hindering the exercises I had been doing. I enjoyed doing those exercises and had gotten myself into a good routine. I have found some workaround exercises in the meantime and will continue with those until I can go back to my old routine.

Daily routine

I have finally found a daily routine that works well for me. I spend 4 mornings a week doing work for my existing clients and then spend the afternoons working on learning and growing both my business and my blog page and I am really enjoying it.

I now have a three-day weekend but find myself wanting to improve my skillset still, so I do that as and when I feel on my days off.

There are, of course, still things I want to work on, such as eating more nutritious food, but I know it will take time to undo all the unhealthy eating habits I have picked up over the years, but I continue to educate myself and put things into practice as and when I am able.

But for the most part, even though I am not a stone lighter, or more financially secure, I am pretty happy. I work to my own schedule, which is such a huge factor in my happiness and I spend my days doing work I love.

I don’t doubt that I will have more clients and that my business and financial security will grow, it just won’t happen overnight, but instead of sitting around impatiently tapping my feet, I am soaking up as much information and learning as much as possible to strengthen my skillset, which will giv me more to offer as a business

How was your January?

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