Snorkels and sunsets

Sunday 5th December 2021

Wow, I had a lot of rum last night. Ouch.
What I really didn’t need this morning was a trek to the medical centre. Fortunately nothing is wrong, we just had to go and have our temperatures taken (no Daniel not that way!) for our visit to another island tomorrow. The husband has pulled it out the bag again and booked the underwater restaurant for a belated birthday dinner and I can’t wait!

We were going to go snorkelling today, but we both have sore heads so I am currently vegetating on the sun lounger outside our villa, it’s definitely good for the hangover!
I was chatting to one of the guys who works here as he was topping up the mini bar, I asked for some more soda water as I have been drinking it with my wine – taking a leaf out of your book Liz! – he asked why there were so many requests for soda water and I explained that I drink it with my wine for less alcohol. What I didn’t tell him was that it was also for less taste, I fear I’ve become quite a wine snob!

I’ve quite enjoyed the day of loafing about, I’ve had a video call with my mum who showed me how rubbish the weather is at home and then showed me my dad doing some painting.

Its now almost sunset and everyone walks up to the sandbank to watch it, I must admit I haven’t got bored of watching it myself.

Tonight’s theme at the restaurant is French. The food here is delicious so I am really looking forward to that.

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