Holiday time

Saturday 4th December 2021

I’m on holiday!!! I thought this time would never come, first the country went on the red list 10 days before we were due to fly and after rearranging I spent 6 anxious months panicking that we wouldn’t get there, our journey there didn’t do anything to ease the pain, we experience the most painful journey in my whole lifetime of flying (that I calculate to be 23 years as I flew for the first time at 17 – I hope the math is right?!)
When we did finally arrive, I spent the first few days saying to the husband “it doesn’t feel like we’re really here”
We’ve been here 7 days now. We have returned to our honeymoon destination, my wish to return for my 40th, albeit later than planned.
I am, of course, grateful to be on any holiday at all, given what’s going on in the world.
Tonight, we’re at the islands white party. I really wish it could have been a black party as it’s so much more slimming to wear, especially after the amount of buffet food I’ve eaten today.
I have found, that with age, and probably a self inflicted unhealthy lifestyle, I have found that fizzy drinks outside of my beloved British isles, does not agree with me. As most of you will be aware, this does not bode well for my Coke Zero addiction. (Pops you will be pleased to know I haven’t come close my usual intake, it’s less than half that so far)
I’ve had one run too many, please excuse me whilst I go and dance on the stage to despacito

2021-12-04 17:23:00

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