Sunday 14th November 2021

I was so pleased to realise that my rubbish mood from last week was all down to auntie flo coming to visit! The way I had been feeling makes a lot more sense, now I know it’s hormones.

After writing my last post, I had a nice chilled Sunday, I had a long soak in the bath, got in some comfy pjs and lit some candles. I decided to do a sheet mask. I’ve used lots of sheet masks over the last couple of years and I was sad to find that when I opened this one it was one of those plastic ones that didn’t fit your face properly and slipped off.
I silently sulked at how typical this was of the day I was having. That was until I realised that the plastic was actually a cover for the sheet mask, you have to peel that to get to the actual mask FFS! How many sheet masks have I been doing wrong? I nearly broke my neck doing one the other week, trying to stop it sliding off of my face. What a tit!

I felt hopeful for Monday, I wanted a better day.
Work was quite stressful and I was feeling very sensitive and teary, we were watching the mating game and I couldn’t bear to watch the animals being rejected.
Only one thing could make this better. A chocolate filled Belgian waffle!
I had bought some for the kids at the weekend but I had saved mine for when I really fancied it. That time was now.
I put it in the microwave to heat it up and started chatting to the husband. After a minute or so, we both noticed a funny smell.
Oh Noooooo!! In my quest for solace in sugary goodness I had put the waffle on for 4 minutes instead of 40 seconds and it was now inedible
I wanted to cry, I didn’t though, I just shuffled out of the kitchen, accepting my fate.

On Tuesday I felt better, despite waking up at 3am and coming downstairs at 4am. I wanted jam on my toast but there was no jam (of course there wasn’t) so I settled for peanut butter and got through the day generally unscathed, unless you count the arrival of auntie flo.

On Wednesday, the day went swimmingly, the working day whizzed by and I had decided to pick myself up a bottle of wine for the evening, the husband was playing football and I am now capable of having just a glass.
When I left work half of Cannon Street was taped off and there were police everywhere, I was so distracted, I walked straight past M&S and onto my train. About 15 minutes into my train journey, I thought to myself “I’m looking forward to having a glass of wine” only then did I realise that I hadn’t picked any up!
No matter, I would have some delivered. I got on the Deliveroo app ordered 2 bottles of rose, to last the next few days, some jam, to avoid any future disappointment and a poke bowl for the husbands lunch tomorrow as I was feeling generous (and also to get free delivery) problem solved.
Of course it wasn’t. They didn’t have the wine I wanted so I was refunded for the wine and sent the jam and poke bowl. FML.

2021-11-14 17:20:00

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