Dinner under the sea

Monday 6th December 2021

The Husband didn’t sleep very well last night so I take myself off to breakfast and leave him in bed. I get my usual hash brown, chicken sausage, mushrooms and egg with a nice fresh orange and settle down to eat whilst I read my book.

We go off snorkelling today, we’ve already done a bit in the sea outside our villa but today we are going by the reef and shipwreck which is the other side of the jetty, which is where the turtles can be found.
When we arrive I look at map of where we are allowed to go, it’s marked by buoys. Wow 7 metres deep, but just past the buoys it’s 22 metres. Gulp.

I start to feel anxious, my snorkel mask doesn’t seem to fit my face properly all of a sudden and I want to cry, of course I don’t, I just start ranting.
Finally sorted, I find myself by the buoys. Beautiful fish to my left, pure and utter darkness to my right! Arrrrrggghhhh.

I finally calm down when I can no longer stare into the abyss and am surrounded by beautiful tropical fish, I’m still anxious about coming across a trigger fish as they can be aggressive so I just cling to the husband and make sure he’s slightly in front of me.

When we return it’s time to get ready for the underwater restaurant. I’m really excited! We get the speedboat to the neighbouring island. We are taken across the walkway with some glass flooring and walls and descend down a winding staircase. 5.8 metres down into a beautiful underwater domed room made of glass, hundreds of different species of fish floating around us.
There are 5 tables on the left and and 5 tables on the right, we are first to arrive and choose the table on the left at the back. You can go for either lunch or dinner at the restaurant, there is only one sitting for each, we chose dinner as you eat during sunset which means the fish change, basically the darker it is, the bigger the fish.

Each table has a little booklet showing you some the of the fish you may see. We were very fortunate to see a puffer fish and a shark.

We both chose the seafood menu and had the wine pairing with it. It was all delicious, although admittedly some of the food was a little rich for my taste but all part of the experience.

I think I have spent most of the day underwater!

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