Relax, it’s Friday

Friday 15th May 2020

Thank God Its Friday! My boss has the afternoon off and we have a Town Hall zoom call this morning, which means he will do even less than usual.
After the Town Hall, one of the guys on my team calls me to moan again, I try to put positive spins on what hes saying but I can see he is just being a Danny Downer so I swiftly end the call.

My productivity wanes, there are lots of random requests and things to do, which do not fit in with how I have structured my day (I clearly have an issue with this!) So to let off some steam I do a workout in the garden.

With my boss off, I am left to run the daily team call, which is always much more fun when he’s not on it. I pour myself a glass of Prosecco and encourage them to do the same.
After work, the husband decides he wants a bloody mary, of course him being in the kitchen always involves me as he can never seem to find anything, leading to lots of eye rolling and muttering from me.

After dinner, we settle on the sofa and join Russel Kanes live quiz, I’m hoping to come out of this lockdown a bit more intelligent.

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2020-05-15 09:35:00

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