Cocktail Night

Saturday 16th May 2020

Why do I always wake up so early on the weekend???? The husband is still sleeping so I head downstairs to make myself some breakfast, I do my goal setting for the week and make a rough plan of my meals for the week, after which I manage to have a nice nap and catch up on my lost sleep.

When I wake up, the husband asks if I want McDonald’s. Do people ever say no to this question? I certainly don’t. I’m aware its not in my plan, but I can make up for by reducing my intake throughout the week.

The street singer is out at 5pm, I pour us some red wine and I sit on our doorstep, he comes up the drive and sings to me at a safe distance, I havent had nearly enough wine for this. I go in to top myself up, settle back in my position, just as hes finishing a song. Then there is a huge smash, my entire glass of red wine has gone over. Ah man. I’m not even bothered about the wine, its the glass, The bestie bought them for our engagement, we only had two left out of the six and now there is only one, they’re our favourite The husband is not going to be happy.

After the singer, we go in and the husband gets started on the cocktails, so far tonight, I’ve had a red wine, a gin and a rum, now I’m going to mix it up even more. We put on Soul Town Festival on YouTube, which a few people have recommended to us and we can see why. It was brilliant.

The husband serves me a cosmopolitan (my fave), then a mosco mule, then a daquiri, by this point I feel like I’ve had enough alcohol for the day and take myself to bed. Partys over.

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2020-05-16 09:37:00

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