New plans for November

Sunday 1st November 2020

What a mixed bag October was! It started with a staycation, descended into the longest emotional rollercoaster I’ve ever ridden and ended with the exciting news of my good friends pregnancy.

We also have another lockdown hanging over our heads. I’ve got some mixed emotions about this lockdown. It’s frustrating as I had a few nice things planned, including my winter trip to Hereford, on the other hand, this does mean that I can focus on making some self improvements without the call of the pub or restaurant hindering my progress

I’ve decided to take it as a positive. I am going to give up the alcohol AND takeaways for the month of lockdown. I am going to continue with my morning walks, which I have done everyday in October and thoroughly enjoy. I also want to try and throw in an occasional strength training or yoga session, I want to spend time reading, writing and practicing mindfulness.
I do find, that when I’m not quaffing wine, I am more motivated, I can stick to a routine and I am clearheaded.
I’m not going to make any improvements to myself when I’m a bottle of wine in and can’t be bothered to get up from the sofa, which then leads me to order a takeaway instead of cooking. But I enjoy cooking, I really do, so not only am I doing my weight loss goals no favours, I’m doing myself out of something I enjoy and helps relax me. I really need to get out of my own way.

This morning I made some headway with my book “how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable” I’ve now read the first part, I held myself up on writing myself some challenges as I wanted to really think about it and I’ve got to my first challenge, which I will be completing tomorrow, obviously I’ll be updating you all with how this goes, but I’m weirdly excited. (

I’m also going to be booking an online reading with the fabulous Tanya Short, another thing I’m really excited about. Another friend of mine has had an amazing reading and I am yet again blown away! (

Its really strange, despite the impending lockdown and the changes it will bring, I feel the happiest I have felt in a long time and I am going to fully embrace it for as long as it lasts.

2020-11-01 12:27:00

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