Missing him

Tuesday 10th August 2021

I did it again! Up and out on my walk. Which took me nicely to the end of my LOA book. I decided that today I was going to make an effort to be more positive, I am going to be nice to people who piss me off and not react in any negative way where possible.

When I log on I see some emails from someone who pisses me off regularly, I take a deep breath, scan over and put it in my queue to deal with later, I feel better already.

I have a bowl of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach for lunch, I had planned my meals for the week so I am trying not to deviate from this, even though the husband has now said he’s playing golf tonight so my prawn tikka naans will have to be eaten for lunch rather than dinner as they can’t be reheated

I eat my lunch away from my desk, I have fallen into bad habits of doing this so I am going to try and eat in the garden when the weather allows.

The husband goes off to golf and I am quite looking forward to a night in by myself, I put myself a jacket potato in the oven and start looking for a film to watch but can’t find anything so I start watching love island series 2 (I’d already watched series 1) sometimes I just find sticking reality tv on is easier, you don’t have to concentrate on it.

After my dinner I feel a bit lost. What’s going on? Could I actually be missing the husband? What am I going to do with myself? I start thinking about what crap I have in the cupboards to eat but I don’t cave in and decide to clean the kitchen, put all my washing away and have a bath before getting into bed to read my book, so much better than sitting around feeling sorry myself

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