March reflections and April Intentions

Is it me or did March feel like it was only 2 weeks long?

At the beginning of March, I looked back on the intentions I had set myself at the beginning of February. There were some achievements;

  • Drink Less alcohol
  • Don’t fill up my diary
  • Schedule in me time and stick to it
    I am pleased to say that these are still going strong and actually, they are not even an effort anymore, they have become almost second nature.

There were still some I wanted to work on through March;

  • Practice breathing exercises – Whilst I haven’t been practising breathing exercises, I have been including meditation in my morning routine. I am going to consider this a partial win as by doing meditation, as part of the meditation focuses on breathing but I definitely do want to come back to the breathing mentioned in the breath book at some point.
  • Get back to writing the book – I did get back to writing the book! Hurrah, now I need to dedicate proper book writing times, as I am also working on the blog and newsletter, which I absolutely love doing and I don’t want to make anything into a chore. Over the next couple of weeks it will be easier for me to see which days work best for the book writing.
  • Spend less time on my phone – I’ve actually just checked the screen time on my phone and I was surprised to find that I have done this. I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t go back to check before 07/03 but as of that week, my total screen time on my phone and iPad combined, was 67 hours & 38 mins (18 hours of that was watching programs and 2 hours of Spotify ) Last week it went down to 59 hours (14 watching programs and 2 hours Spotify) so I am pretty happy with that. I do have my phone on do not disturb a lot of the time now but I think it may be time to start using the downtime function to stop that mindless scrolling of an evening.

And of course, some I still need to work on;

  • Trying yoga
  • Getting outside for a walk (although I have got better towards the end of March)
  • Drink 2 litres of water a day.

For so long, my focus has been on my mental health, which is important as without a clear head, I would be unable to focus on anything else and I now have some good habits in place. April will be focused on my body. Rather than target weight loss, as I have done in the past, I am going to work on nourishing, hydrating and exercising my body and looking after my hair and skin. I just need to figure out what works best for me and get myself into some healthy habits.

Are you setting any intentions for April?

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