Hosting Tips, Mindset For Mums & 2 TV Shows & A Good Book

Things I’ve seen and heard this week

If you’re looking for a new read

I’m almost finished reading Full. It’s about wellness influencer Ava and it shows us just how misleading the things we see online can be. Ava has her secrets which despite her apparent openness with her followers, she doesn’t want anyone to know.

If you want a hilarious, yet gripping TV show

Watch Am I Being Unreasonable. Daisy May Cooper is back on our screens and plays Nic, a lonely bored wife and mother who harbours a dark secret. She then befriends Jen, who seems to have a secret of her own. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and found myself wanting more after each episode.

If you want to get in the mood for Halloween.

Watch The Midnight Club. A group of terminally ill teenagers are staying in hospice and meet each night to tell scary stories. As a massive horror fan, I’m finding this quite an easy watch it isn’t terribly scary yet it’s still really enjoyable.

If you’re hosting Christmas.

Check out this article on this how to organise your house before the holidays. There is also a downloadable 30-day holiday cleaning countdown calendar. I’m not hosting Christmas but there are certainly some useful tips here.

If you are a mum in need of a boost.

Follow @the_shouty_mums_club Cathy is a mindset coach for mums and even as a step mum, I really enjoy her posts. She’s also just started a podcast, which I am looking forward to listening to,

Sing along with me

Here’s this week’s Song of the Day playlist

This week’s question to ask yourself

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? ❤️

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