3 Intentions I’m Setting This Week To Finish What I Have Started

I’m ready and raring to go this week after enjoying a couple of chilled days over the weekend.

I had to think hard about what I wanted to achieve this week as I promised myself not to apply too much pressure throughout October.

This week, my intentions are more focused on progressing with things I have already started.

Work on my SEO knowledge

I’ve been reading a lot about optimising content for search engines and I thought it’s about time I put some of what I have learnt into practice.

Finish my book

I started reading a book I’ve had for some time called Glucose Revolution. It’s about balancing your blood sugar and how eating properly can significantly improve your health. I’m halfway through already so I want to finish it this week and start implementing the changes to my eating habits.

Try some new recipes

We have a cheese and wine night in a few weeks and each couple is going to “bring a board” I am bringing the savoury board which I am very happy about! I’ve made a list of all the possible things I could add and this week, I want to make a trial board to see what works and what doesn’t and also because I want an excuse to eat some mini sausage rolls!

What are your intentions for this week? ❤️

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash
2022-10-17 19:22:00

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