3 Things That Happened This Week That I’m Truly Grateful For

If I had to use a word to describe this week, it would be “enlightening”.

I learn more and more about myself each day, bringing a whole host of emotions. I am very fortunate to have some fantastic people around me, who keep me sane, and grounded and will tell me about myself if its needed.

Here are some things that happened this week that make me feel very lucky.

A trip to the theatre

The bestie took me and another friend to dinner and the theatre. Before heading to a local theatre to see Unnatural Causes, we had a delicious tapas meal. We had such a lovely night and are already planning our next true crime event!

Having the husband back

The husband went away for some friend’s birthdays last weekend and whilst I enjoyed living in a clean and tidy house for a few days, I was very happy to have him back home. I do believe that having some time away from each other can be beneficial for a relationship, but that’s quite enough time apart for a while thank you!

Another eye-opening therapy session

I often find that when I go to a session thinking that I don’t have much to talk about, those are the most revealing. I walked out of this week’s session feeling like I had peeled away a huge layer. Almost like I have been hiding my true self away for so long and now the real me is slowly coming out. More on that another time though.

What are you grateful for this week? ❤️

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
2022-10-21 19:19:00

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