Hello August

Saturday 1st August 2020

3lb on this morning, but no matter. I have a lovely day planned. First having my nails done and then going to Essex to catch up with my brother and niece, then dinner with a couple of friends.

I’ve realised, that lately, I haven’t felt the usual dread about going out, what to wear, how fat I’m going to look, I just look forward to seeing my friends. It makes such a difference.

I get to my parents house where I’m staying for the night, they’re away so I have the house to myself. I go into the garden but it’s way too hot, so I go back into the living room with the fan on. My mum has left me a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge, so I crack that open.

My brother arrives with my niece, she’s almost 1 now, but because of lockdown, she doesn’t really remember anyone 🙁 it’s till really nice to see her though, she is too cute.

My friends arrive a couple of hours later and we sit in the garden having some drinks, before heading out to a new Turkish restaurant that’s opened. We each have a frozen cocktail and I have chicken shish, the healthier option, it’s really tasty. After dinner we decide that the pubs are too packed and go back to my parents house to drink some wine.

We finish up quite early and I’m in bed at reasonable time. I’m too old for a big night out these days!

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