Have I Solved The Mystery Behind My Mood Swings?

I had such a lovely weekend last weekend.

I drove over to see my nan and grandad on Saturday morning, where we discussed the Harry & Meghan situation, then I went to visit my brother and niece, where I ate play doh burgers and went shopping at her toy supermarket, then I got an Indian takeaway at my mum and dads with my friend and we watched chick flicks.

On Sunday, I went for breakfast and had a lovely catch-up with the girls, I drove back home to watch my stepsons drive cars at Bluewater, before heading off to see the Psychology of serial killers, with the bestie and our friend. Not a drop of alcohol passed my lips the whole time.

When I woke up on Monday morning, I felt fresh and ready for the week. I realised that, usually, having that many plans in a week, let alone a weekend, would leave me feeling drained. But I now know, it’s not the number of events that made me feel like this, it’s the alcohol.

The evidence has always been there, I just hadn’t wanted to do anything about it. But now it was different. I’m not trying to hide away from anything, I don’t like the way it makes me feel in the days after drinking. Now I had truly proven to myself, that I can enjoy myself without it.

I feel like some sort of spell has been broken and my reliance on alcohol has slowly withered away. I’m not saying I’m going sober, I do enjoy a drink every now and then. I just don’t want my entire social life to revolve around drinking, as it once did.

I had such a productive week, I was clear-headed and focused. I even had some exciting things happen for my freelancing business, but towards the end of the week, I found my mood dipping every now and again. I allowed the lows to come and then I would pick up my book, I would read an article on copywriting, do some self-reflection, do some writing or message a friend.

I kept going.

Each time I did a little something for myself, even if I didn’t feel like it, I felt like I was lifting myself up out of that dip. I found that it started to become second nature very quickly, it became easier. Sometimes it would take a few different things, sometimes a good night’s sleep, sometimes a simple cup of tea.

I stopped dwelling on the lows, they were still there, and they always will be but I have found that starting and ending my day with those 10 self-reflection questions make such a difference to my mindset, that and a reduction in my alcohol intake are seeing me have more good days, than bad.

I’m now looking forward to a fun weekend in Hereford.

Problem Solved - Puzzle with the last piece being fitting
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2023-01-28 13:25:00

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