4 Of My Favourite Podcasts Over The Last Few Months

I absolutely LOVE podcasts.

What started off as a way to feed my true crime obsession, turned into an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all areas of life.

I listen to podcasts whilst I’m working (I’m listening to one right now!) I listen to them when I’m driving when I’m walking and even when I am sleeping.

I am always on the lookout for new podcasts, so I will give you 4 of my new favourites.

The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett

I can’t get enough of this podcast at the moment.

Steven has some amazing guests on his show, from famous celebrities, authors and billionaire entrepreneurs. If like me you are keen to soak up as many life lessons from as many people as possible, then this is a must.

Steven started the podcast to talk about how he became an entrepreneur and how that affected his life and went on to have fellow entrepreneurs come on his show and this grew and grew and now you can hear some of the most well-known household names having some of the most honest conversations you will ever hear.

If you are looking for motivation, a pick me up or just to feel like you’re not alone, this podcast is for you.

Big Fish with Spencer Matthews

This is a relatively new podcast, starting back in October last year.

If you didn’t know, Spencer used to be in Made in Chelsea. In 2019, he realised that alcohol was destroying his life. He made the decision to become sober, realising it was the best decision he had ever made, he decided to help others and start his own company called Clean Co, which sells non-alcoholic beverages.

I think it’s brilliant that so many people in the public eye are talking more about the detrimental effects alcohol abuse can have and Spencer is a great example of this.

I listened to one of his recent episodes with his good friend and former Made In Chelsea Co Star, Jamie Laing and I loved it. They are so far removed from how they were portrayed on our screens.

You will hear honest, open and real conversations on this podcast, I can’t wait to listen to more.


Kate Ferdinand has really put the spotlight on blended families, particularly, being a stepmother.

Stepmothers have always been portrayed as bad or evil and the phrase “wicked stepmother” is in many children’s stories.

But step-parents and blended families are now the norm and these stigmas need to be eliminated.

Kate talks about some of the previously “taboo” topics and the struggles that not only the stepparents face, but the biological parents and the children too.

As a stepmother myself, Kate has provided so much beneficial information and guidance, not only via her podcast and Instagram page but also by highlighting other platforms.

The solace and comfort I felt from this is invaluable and I urge anyone who is involved in a blended family in one way or another to listen.

British Scandal

I really enjoy this podcast. It takes some of the biggest news scandals in UK history and really does a deep dive. It’s done with good old British humour, but of course serious when it needs to be.

I’ve listened to the story of the shocking Murdoch phone hacking, the story of Nick Leeson and how he brought down Barings bank, the rise and fall of Robert Maxwell and more recently, I have started listening to the story of one of my favourite authors, Jeffrey Archer.

I enjoy this podcast as there isn’t the sensationalism that you get with the usual media outlets. There are cold, hard facts told in a fun and informative way. I hate watching the news or reading the papers so I feel that this gives me information on some of the UK’s famous historical cases that I wouldn’t get elsewhere.

What are your podcast recommendations?

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