Almost overboard

Sunday 20th June 2021

I realise that my last post came across as quite depressing. I mean it was really wasn’t it, but bizarrely, it made me feel better.
I found writing it really cathartic. I think yesterday, I was feeling rather sorry for myself. I had originally planned to see family and found out on Friday that I had been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, my test was negative but rather than risk passing it on to my relatives, I decided to cancel my plans.
I usually love spending time at home but the minute I thought I couldnt leave, I, of course, felt imprisoned.
I woke up to an NHS alert telling me I had to self isolate until Wednesday, I find it all very bizarre as the person who tested positive for COVID does not have the NHS app, nor did I check in anywhere, so I am a bit freaked out by it all.

So after writing my post, I spent the afternoon riding the reflection rollercoaster. I thought about what I had written and how I was feeling, had a couple of bouts of crying, decided what I was going to do about it and actually felt a whole lot better for it. That whole depressing post was totally worth it, it was like free therapy, with the added bonus of me feeling so much more positive at the end of the day.

In all my mid life crisis talk, I forgot to tell you all about mine and the husbands trip to windsor for our anniversary.
It was Bank Holiday weekend, the weather was forecast to be glorious. I had taken a half day off of work so we could leave around lunchtime, you know, miss the bank holiday weekend traffic. Windsor is just over an hour away from us, so it shouldnt be too bad right? Well unless you are married to someone with absolutely no concept of time WHATSOEVER. We left at 3:15, you know the same time as chucking out time of schools? Do you know what time we got to Windsor? 6:30pm.
I’m suprised I have any teeth left after the amount of gripping of them I did on that journey.

We luckily managed to get in the bar of our hotel and then a pub without booking, before heading for a quick pizza express for dinner.
On Saturday we had booked tickets for Windsdor castle, the weather was beautiful and we walked around and sat outside a lovely pub on a cobbled street. We had dinner in a lovely steak restaurant that night with plenty of red wine and I had decided I was not going to drink so much the following day, we had dinner booked at a pub at 3:30 for a roast dinner on the sunday and I wanted to enjoy it.

On Sunday, another day of glorious sunshine, the husband wanted to hire a little motorboat to go along the thames. I reluctantly agreed, I don’t mind boats as long as they have a qualified person operating them, the husband is not qualified. We get in the boat and glide easily along the Thames in the sunshine, I’m surprised to find ,myself enjoying this. The husband suggests we turn back earlier to check out the other direction, I agree. As we go past our hotel, we see these teeny tiny ducklings, they literally looked like they were hatched yesterday, when we turn back around to take the boat back, the husband decides to slow down to get pictures of them. This is where the nightmare begins.
The motor cuts out, I am panicking, not because we ‘re in the middle of the Thames with no one in sight, but because directly behind us is a fuck off weir, which our little boat, with no oars or any way to save ourselves, was floating swiftly towards. I am shouting at the husband to do something as I am too scared to move and topple the boat, he goes to the motor to try and start it no joy, I grab on to a tree that is growing out of the river and is now my new best friend and I feel like I am going to have a complete meltdown.
Then, this beautiful yacht comes gliding towards us, asking if we’re ok, like my face didnt say it all. I am thankful that they seemed just as concerned about the weir as I am and they tell us to hold on to the tree (like I am letting go) whilst they tie us to their boat. SAVED.
Just as we start to go back towards the boat place, the rescue boat comes to us, thankfully nothing with sirens, just a motorboat like ours painted red. He jumps aboard, starts the enjoy with one go and off we go back to the safety of land, whilst I gave the husband an earbashing the entire way back. Needless to say, my no drinking before dinner went out the window.

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