A night away

Saturday 25th July 2020

I wake up from a dream where the bathroom is leaking through to the living room. The meaning?
“To see a leak in your dream symbolizes loss, disappointments, frustrations and distress. You are wasting your energy on fruitless endeavors. Alternatively, the dream indicates some repressed feelings emerging from your subconscious or from your past.”
Well, that’s fucking cheered me right up.

Today, the husband and I are off to Westerham for the day and night. It’s an area we’re thinking of moving to and we’re actually going to view a house.
The husband, for once, is practically ready to go and on time too. What have I done to deserve such a treat?

We find the house, chosen because of its close proximity to the high street, yet secluded location. Well I thought it was secluded. It’s overlooked by 3 cottages and sits next door to the “working men’s club”. I am immediately put off, the husband, however, seems even more interested.

The house itself is beautifully done inside and out, it’s a mix of an 1800’s cottage with new extensions added. I want an old house, the husband wants a new build, so it’s the best of both. I love it, I really do, but something for me is missing. It’s at the top end of our price range too. I leave feeling very confused.
We have a little drive around and try out some of the local pubs. I’m quite funny about pubs. I love, what I would call, an old mans pub. Brass shit hanging everywhere, owned by the landlord rather than the brewery, or at least it feels that way. These chain gastro pubs do nothing for me, don’t get me wrong, they serve wine so I’m not going to say no if that’s all that’s on offer, but if I had the choice, then it would be an old mans pub any day.
We’re staying in a pub hotel, of the chain variety of course. It’s perfectly nice, but when we cross the road and go into the Garasshopper, I feel right at home.

We’ve booked dinner at an Italian, the guy who serves us, whose son owns the restaurant is lovely and it does all have a very personable feel to it, like most places we have been to today, although, that could be because I’ve had copious amounts of wine and think I am everyone’s best friend.

We head back over to the wine bar, which we visited earlier and find ourselves sat alone in the downstairs area. I guilt trip the husband into buying a bottle of champagne, have a forgotten conversation in the loos with a local and encourage the husband to have his photo taken on a giant decorative giraffe. We leave with the half drunken bottle of champagne in my bag, almost forgetting to pay our bill, wondering if they will let us back into Westerham.

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