Self loathing sets in

Friday 24th July 2020

Before I even open my eyes, the self loathing begins. I feel like my entire body is swollen and I start berating myself about yesterday’s antics. Why can’t I just behave like a normal person? Why do I always have to finish the entire packet or bottle? Why can’t I enjoy salad and sparkling mineral water? Instead of pizza and Prosecco.

This anger at myself fuels me and I decide to turn this day around. (This will be written on my gravestone!) It doesn’t start well when the scales show an increase of 3lb. Never the less, I soldier on downstairs to make some crumpets for breakfasts, swatting the idea of McDonald’s breakfast from my mind.

It’s Tobys 1st birthday today. You wouldn’t think it, given he is the size of a jack Russell. He is, of course, blissfully unaware, but I pick him up and wish him happy birthday like he knows what’s going on. I’ve ordered him a toy from amazon. Generally he doesn’t play with his toys, preferring a scrunched up bit of foil or paper which he will gleefully chase around the entire house, so I do wonder if I’ve just wasted £7.99 on a bit of plastic. We shall see when it arrives later today.

My motivation is shot, I have no desire to do anything apart from berate myself internally.

Tobys present arrives and I eagerly set about piecing together the bits of plastic. It’s basically a long wavy tube with a clear cover that has open parts and there is a ball inside so he can dip his paw in to move the ball. Very simple. He spends the time between looking curiously at his mad cat mother and sniffing the box in cake in. Please don’t like the box more than this toy!
I set it on the floor, show him how to move the ball and sit back to see if he likes it. He has a little go, then another and joy of joy. He loves it. Finally success!

Once the work day is over, the bastard bitch voice returns, to remind me I still have a bottle of rose in the fridge. Fuck it.
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