3 Little Intentions I’m Setting This Week Before Coming Home From My Holiday

Pitch some articles

Ok, I need to stop being a big baby and actually put myself out there. I’ve been using the holiday as one of my “excuses” of which there are many, but now the holiday is coming to an end and so is the money I have put away. 

It’s time to start bringing that dream to life and that’s not going to happen with a pile of ideas hidden away on my laptop.

Meal plan

I want to plan the meals for the husband and I for out first week home, firstly so I know what food to order for the shopping delivery and secondly so that we can make sure we have some healthy, normal sized  meals 

Set Up a LinkedIn profile 

Much like the pitching of articles, this one keeps getting put on the back burner. Enough is enough now, I’m a grown woman and need to stop letting the what ifs get the better of me. 

Not only am I going to face the music, I plan to sing along.

What are your intention for the coming week? ❤️

2022-08-08 17:56:00

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