5 Things I’ve Seen & Heard This Week Including A Way To Earn As You Spend & An Exciting Crime Series

A fairytale for adults, a new Luther Vandross & 99 activities to try

Being on holiday has given me plenty of time to read, listen and watch things and I write this very post as I lounge around the hotel pool.

If you would like to watch fairytale for adults

I rewatched Collateral Beauty on the plane. Will Smith plays Howard, a man broken by a personal tragedy. He spends his time writing letters time, death & love, whilst his concerned friends, played by the brilliant Ed Norton & Kate Winslet, try in vain to help him recover. It is a beautiful and moving story, something we all need to see.

If you want to listen to the new Luther Vandross

I put my name down for karaoke on holiday thinking I might sound ok amongst the usual candidates. Then Sterling got up. This man sounds just like Luther Vandross! We were chatting to him and he has entered several singing contests such as Pop Idol & X Factor but for some unknown reason, he didn’t get through!

If you want to earn money whilst you spend it

Use TopCashback. I use this whenever I buy something online. Pretty much all retailers are on there, I’ve earned £150 from here already and have withdrawn £60 which was transferred straight into my bank account, it’s mad not to be using it! They are currently doing an offer if you use my link about, you will receive a £10 referral bonus.

If you want to read a gripping crime series

I’ve just finished Flesh & Blood by one of my favourite authors Caroline Mitchell. It’s the 4th book in DI Amy Winter Series. If you haven’t read any of them, why not? The first book Truth & Lies, will have you hooked!

If you’re looking for a new activity

The Good Trade have listed 99 Things To Do Instead of Drinking Alcohol don’t worry there’s plenty you can add alcohol to if you want to, I’m thinking of the trying the DIY facial

Song Of The Day — If you missed it, here’s this week’s playlist.


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