5 Steps To Setting Goals & Some Useful Tools & Tips

The reason I set goals is to motivate myself and give me something to work towards, it gives me a sense of purpose.

Deciding on what your goals should be can be quite difficult. We need to think about what we truly want from life, not what we “should” want or what is expected of us. 

That’s why I’ve listed 5 important steps to help you with your goal setting.

  1. Ask yourself questions. To find out what it is you hope to achieve, you need to do a bit of self-discovery. What is it that you want from life? Remember, these are your goals and no one elses.
  2. Write your goals down. Ideally somewhere you will see them often.
  3. Think about why you want to achieve these goals and how achieving them would make you feel. This will hopefully weed out any goals that you aren’t 100% sure about, you don’t want to waste your time on doing something when your heart is not fully in it. 
  4. Decide on a time frame for when you would like to achieve each of these goals. 6 months? 6 years? What would be realistic?
  5. Think about the steps you need to take to achieve them. For example, for weight loss, your steps could be to track your calories and go for a run 3 times a week.

Once you have done the above, you can then start breaking the goals down into smaller goals each month, week and day.

For example, if your goal is to run a marathon, your monthly goal might be to run 10 miles at the end of the month, your weekly goal could be to run an extra 2 miles each week and your daily goal could be to run or to have a rest day.

Another thing that I like to do for my goals, is to create a vision board. 

You put pictures and quotes of things relating to your goals on a board, you can have it on a wall, on the fridge or even on your phone, but somewhere you will see it and visualise those goals regularly. 

Here’s a picture of some of my past vision boards.

Goal Setting Tips

There is so much useful information out there on goal setting but I have listed some of my personal favourites.

Atomic Habits – I’ve mentioned this book many times before and I won’t stop. If you are truly serious about setting goals, then this book is a must. Achieving your goals by building good habits is essential.

The Power of Focus – this book has lots of details on how to set goals and achieve them. It also talks about overcoming setbacks and confidence, which will also be useful.

Law of Attraction Planner – As we all know by now, I love stationary and I would not be without my beloved LOA planner.

It has everything you need to set your goals and achieve them. I use the un-dated deluxe LOA planner, but they have all different kinds, including a budget planner.

Pinterest – This is my go-to for my vision board, there are some great motivational posts and you will also find some useful posts on goal setting and achieving your goals. You can see my August 2022 vision board ideas here.

Instagram – This is another excellent tool for keeping you motivated. Follow people who have similar goals, there are some great coaches and mentors you can follow. You could set up a separate account relating to your goals and share your goals & your progress to keep you accountable.

2Do – I found this app a few months ago and  started using it for my goals. Each goal has its category and in each category are the tasks I need to complete to achieve my goal. 

I like having something on my phone so that if I get an idea on the go, I can easily jot it down before I forget about it and even better, there is nothing better than ticking something off of a list.

My biggest tip of all is to keep on going. There may be times when you don’t achieve a daily, weekly or monthly goal and that is perfectly ok, we are human and we all have days where we feel a little unmotivated, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. 

However, If you are consistently missing something, then maybe the problem isn’t with you, but with the goal. Remember these are your goals and should be motivating you, if that’s no longer the case, then you may want to set some new ones.

Do you have any goal setting tips? ❤️


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