2 TV Shows, A Funny Foodie Film & Blast From The Past Podcast

If you like a drama based on a true story

Watch SAS Rogue Heroes on BBC One. It tells the story of how the SAS came to be. I absolutely loved this program, I’m not generally a fan of programs or films about war but this had me gripped.

If you prefer documentaries

Watch SAS Rogue Warriors on BBC four. This tells the same story but has archived interviews with some of the original SAS soldiers. I watched both programs as the documentary gave details which was not shown in the drama series.

If you’re looking for something less serious

Head to the cinema to watch The Menu I loved this comedy horror. We see a group of people who have paid a lot of money to head to an island for an exclusive dining experience, but they get more than they bargained for. I saw it yesterday and loved it. Their take on the “exclusive” experience was hilarious.

If you were a fan of Laguna Beach

Then you need to listen to Back To The Beach Podcast. Former cast members Kristin Cavallari & Stephen Colletti are now doing a podcast where they will rewatch the episodes aired 18 years ago and discuss what really happened. In their latest episode they have Lauren Conrad on the show!

Shake your thang!

Here’s this weeks Song of The Day playlist

This weeks question to ask yourself

What things do you put off doing out of fear?

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2022-11-20 18:25:04

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