Wonderful weekend

Sunday 14th June 2020

I have today all planned out. I’m going to organise myself for the week.

I get the kitchen cleaned and tidied so that I can make lunch in a nice mess free kitchen. I have my lovely double carbs lunch in the garden, I try and keep in the shade a bit today, as I was out in the sun all day yesterday.

After lunch, I do some batch cooking of a couple of Gousto meals I haven’t eaten this week. First is curried haddock with spinach and turmeric dhal, then onto one I am most excited about, Macaroni cheese topped Ragu bake by the time I am finished with all my chores it’s gone 5pm. I’m glad I had lunch before cooking as I would have eaten it all. I’m completely exhausted.

I collapse in a chair in the garden the husband and Toby are with me and we put some music on, I pour myself a well earned glass of red wine and we decide to have the mac & cheese for dinner, in the garden, it is bloody delicious. About 9:30 we take ourselves inside, I have really enjoyed this weekend and having some nice quality time with the husband.

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2020-06-14 16:09:00

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