Deep breaths

Monday 8th June 2020

Monday again, what better way to start the day than with an email from my boss listing what I need to do that day? I take some deep breaths, I will not let him get to me, I will not let him ruin my day. By 11am I am effing and blinding on the WhatsApp group to the team. The man is impossible.

At 12:30, I head out into the garden to do a workout and it does calm my mind, I need to remember this when my stressed body asks for chocolate or wine, exercise is the best cure and doesn’t add the pounds on.

I’m still thinking about this fast on Wednesday, I message Kristy to ask a couple of questions, one being, can I have Coke Zero? There was talk of no caffeine so I just want to establish what the boundaries are. I’m scared!!!

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2020-06-08 15:51:00

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