Why me?

Tuesday 21st July 2020

I wake up to find my Apple watch has died, I forgot to charge it before I went to bed. I will not use this as an excuse not to go on my walk.
I get on the scales, 1lb down. The joy & sadness the scales usually bring is starting to fade, I see how up and down they can go in a short space of time. It’s a weird feeling, a good one. The scales will soon no longer affect my mood, I won’t be a slave to a number.

That being said, I’m in a really grumpy mood this morning. It feels like one of those days, where one thing after another happens. I charge my watch whilst I have a shower, this is the first thing that goes wrong. I go on my walk, my foot hurts. I get distracted and miss an important part of my audible so have to rewind. I get back to find my exercise ring isn’t closed. WHY ME?

I huff and puff my way through the day, finding fault with everything. I had plans to have prawns for lunch but haven’t defrosted them. Roll on tomorrow when I have the afternoon off with my friend to sit in the garden and drink Prosecco

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2020-07-21 13:50:00

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