Midweek madness

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

The 1lb I lost yesterday has reappeared. I know my plans for today definitely do not fall in line with my weight loss plans but a girls gotta have some fun right?

I get through a morning of work and then get ready to have my friend over for the afternoon for Prosecco and a takeaway in the garden. After a couple of bottles, another friend joins us, bring some of my favourite snacks. Cocktail sausages & scotch eggs! Yum! These aren’t in my plan for the day, but I can claw any extra calories back over the rest of the week.

As the sun goes down, I dish out some cardigans to keep us warm, all of a sudden one of my friends starts rubbing her eyes, she’s having some strange reaction. We do an eye wash, she takes some antihistamines, she does eye drops, I even give her some under eye masks, which makes her look like Adam and the Ants, so we take a picture. I finish up at gone 2am and 747 calories over.

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2020-07-22 13:58:00

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