Why I’m Not Giving Up On Achieving My Goals

I started off really strong with my intentions last week, but as the week came to an end, I found myself wrapped up in a bit of self-sabotage.

I thought about just getting on with today’s post and writing new intentions for this week and not mentioning this.

I had been really beating myself up about not completing all of the tasks I had set for myself but then I realised that being unkind to myself was not going to change anything, it was only going to make me feel worse.

So instead, I decided to be honest about my progress. I say progress because I didn’t just write last week’s post and then ignore it. For the better part of the week, I made a conscious effort to achieve the things I set out to do and I did them well.

  • I read 60 pages of the glucose goddess.
  • I wrote a list of ideas for newsletter content.
  • I found an online course to complete.

I am going to try and be a bit kinder to myself. It’s important to recognise all achievements no matter how small.

The reason for not completing these tasks isn’t because I couldn’t be bothered, life happened, plans changed, things happened and at times, I needed to put my focus elsewhere.

So rather than give up, label myself as a failure or set some entirely new intentions, I am going to dust myself off and continue from where I left off. This week, I am going to schedule a specific time in the diary to get these done and see if that will help.

So this week, my intentions are:

  • Finish reading The Glucose Revolution.
  • Use my list of content to write a newsletter.
  • Start the online course I have chosen.

What are your intentions for this week? ❤️

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2022-11-14 15:51:03

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