What Makes A Good Life, Step-Parenting Insights & Jungle Talk

Things seen & heard this week.

Want to know what makes a good life?

This TED talk is about a 75-year study on a group of men in the US and every few years they ask them a series of questions about their lives, find out what the common theme on their happiness is.

Are you a step-parent or know someone that is?

No one has the answers to any of this and unless you are in the situation, it’s really hard to comprehend. Every situation is different, every family is different and every individual is different and it can sometimes be a very lonely journey. This blog post from Blended Family Frappe is one of the many brilliant posts where you can read about the experiences of other step parents and see things from different angles. They are also on Instagram @blendedfamilyfrappe

Fancy a film with a twist?

Watch Side Effects. I have watched this before and really enjoyed it so I decided to watch it again this week. It’s about a woman called Emily, who’s husband is released from prison, rather than be overjoyed, she spirals into depression and is prescribed a new medication, which has some pretty strong side effects.

We’re back in the jungle!

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is back on our screens and back in Australia! I was gutted to see Olivia leave so quickly as she did as I was looking forward to seeing what she would say and do. I quite like most of the people in there this year, I already love Babatunde from celebrity Gogglebox. Matt Hancock just makes me feel uncomfortable, I am torn between being angry with the fact he’s on there and feeling sorry for him, at times it’s just a complete cringefest. I wonder how long he will last……

If you want some positive news in your life

Follow @upworthy. They share beautifully joyful posts from around the world from simple life hacks to cute animal posts, if you want a little something to brighten your day, hope on there page.


Here’s this week’s song of the day playlist

This weeks question

What do you wish other people knew about you?

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2022-11-13 12:24:00

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