Welcome the weekend

Saturday 13th June 2020

I wake up feeling fresh and motivated, it’s a new week!

I weigh and measure, unsurprised at the increase in the numbers, but happy in the knowledge that I’m doing something about it and I am learning everyday. Patience is not my virtue, but I will keep on keeping on. Some days will be good, some days not so good, but as long as I keep going, I will reach my goals, just not as quick as I’d like.

The sun is finally back out so I head into the garden with my book and end up out there all afternoon, the husband joins me and we put some music on. We are interrupted by some loud bass, the street singer is back. We take ourselves and some wine out to the front doorstep where we listen to the singer and chat to the neighbours, what a lovely day.

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2020-06-13 16:07:00

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