Want To Find Out More About Yourself? The Final 3 Questions For You To Answer

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been sharing the questions I answer each day to self-reflect

Today, I’ll be sharing the final 3 questions with you

  1. What am I proud about?

It could be that you finally did something you have been putting off or dealt with a difficult situation, again you can ask why it made you proud and how it made you feel.

2. What am I committed to?

Maybe you are trying to save money or you want to run a marathon, or maybe you want to put more effort into your relationships. Think about what’s important to you and why you’re committed to it.

3. What are my 5 most important goals?

This is my favourite question as it’s a daily reminder of what I want to achieve and that leads me to question what I am doing that day to reach those goals.

So that’s the last of the questions, I hope that they have given you some insight.

I hope to be sharing what I’ve been up to with you over the coming weeks.

2023-06-20 13:20:00

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