Want To Find Out More About Yourself? 3 More Questions For You To Answer

Last week, I shared 3 questions to ask yourself on a daily basis.

This week, I’m going to share 3 more questions that I use in my daily self-reflection.

  1. What am I excited about?

It could be something as simple as having a night in to yourself or an upcoming holiday, again, if you want to go into more details, you could think about why it’s making you excited and how it makes you feel.

2. What am I enjoying?

Have you taken up a new hobby? Started a new series on Netflix? Or are you starting to enjoy something you’ve been doing for a while? What about it do you enjoy?

3. How can I make myself feel good today?

Maybe getting an early night, going out for a walk or having a nice long soak in the bath or it could be finishing that task you have been putting off, knowing that you will feel better once it’s done.

Have you been doing the self-reflection? I would love to know how it’s going if you are.

2023-06-13 14:02:00

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