Unnecessary Anxiety

Saturday 20th June 2020

Another Saturday, another early wake up, I’m talking before 5am! I decide to weigh in and measure, scales are up measurements are down, all is not lost. I need to make myself tired, I need more sleep, so I have crumpets and take myself back to bed to read, this does the trick.
I wake up feeling fresh, I check in with Kristy, so excited to start my 121 with her in a couple of weeks! I’m also feeling more motivated in general and I think is down to my boss now being gone.

I’m off to my parents today, but need to pop to the chemist to pick up a prescription. For some bizarre reason, I feel really anxious about going to the chemist, I don’t want to go into a shop, I’m scared. I spend the 45 minute journey, talking myself in and out of it. In the end I have a strong word with myself, I am a 39 year old woman, I can’t send my mum (this thought genuinely cross my mind) I need to be a grown up and face it. When I get there, I literally walk straight in and out, it’s completely empty, I realised my visions of queues up the street were wrong and I was, as usual worrying about nothing, another withdrawal symptom I suppose. Please let this be over with soon!

The day ends beautifully when I see not one, but both of my nieces, as well as both of my brothers. Anxiety is now gone.

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2020-06-20 16:24:00

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