Top TV shows, a useful app and an Instagram account to follow

Things I’ve seen and heard this week

It’s been a week of watching. Autumn always brings such good TV here in the UK and I have been spoilt for choice lately.

If you want to see what working in the city can be like

Watch Industry on BBC iplayer. It’s a drama about young bankers experiencing the fast paced highs and lows of the banking world. The second series is out now and it’s just as full of sex and drugs as the first. There are definitely some work places like this in London and it’s eye opening to say the least. And yes, people do really talk to each other like that on some trading floors!

If you want big stars and intrigue

Watch Inside Man. I’ve watched he first two episodes of this and I am so intrigued about exactly what the outcome is going to be. We have David Tennant, who plays a vicar in the UK and Stanley Tucci who plays a prisoner on death row, we also have two women who meet on a train after one defends the other against an aggressive man. I’m looking forward to finding out how they are linked.

If you want something feel good and funny.

Watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV. Ted is an American who, after his success in coaching an American football team is brought to England to manage struggling AFC Richmond. Ted brings some great analogies in his positive American way and the British bring our britishness, as only we can! You don’t have to know anything about football to watch it, as Ted didn’t either.

I can’t mention TV without talking about…..

……Married at first sight. It’s been another brilliant week on the show. Tom has been in great form with his one liners and my personal favourite this week was when he referred to Whitney as “a pound shop Naomi Campbell” I was in stitches! My favourites are Zoe and Adrian, they just seem so genuine.

If you are looking for a workspace app

Take a look at Notion. I have started using it in place of Evernote for my writing and it’s great. You can create databases tasks and tables, add tags and share with others. There are built in templates or you can create your own And best of all, a personal account is free to use.

If you enjoy reading about your horoscope

Follow @moonomens. They post daily horoscopes, in depth monthly horoscopes and other interesting insights about star signs such as full and new moon readings and mercury retrograde. I love reading mine and they are very often spookily accurate.

Do a little dance.

Here’s this weeks Song of the Day playlist

This weeks question to ask yourself

What is the one thing you would like others to remember about you when they think of you? ❤️

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2022-10-09 12:46:00

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