These dreams are giving me a headache

Thursday 4th June 2020

When I thought my dreams couldn’t get any weirder, last night happened. First of all, I was being accused by an old friends husband of sending gardening stuff to him at work, then I am singing on a stage with Mariah Carey.

All this nonsense had left me with a thumping headache and leaves me feeling quite moody.

I talk myself out of alcohol again and find that the non alcoholic beer is such a good replacement, even though I don’t really drink actual beer, but if it works I’ll take it! I’ve only got to get through today and then I can enjoy a nice glass of wine.

The husband is putting a TV up in the kids room, which after a looooooong time, is finally finished! He’s up and down the loft and Toby, not being one to miss out, needs to know what’s going on. He lays at the top of the stairs, has a long stretch and the rolls over, only he rolls over and ends up rolling down the step! He manages to grip the top step with both paws and hangs on for dear life, I am useless as I am laughing hysterically at his little face

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2020-06-04 10:32:00

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