Not even sorry

Sunday 21st June 2020

Today I had a homemade bacon burger for breakfast and I’m not even sorry! It was leftover from what my mum made yesterday. If my mum says it’s ok, then I can.

When I leave to go home, I’m ecstatic to find there is a can of Coke Zero in car, I actually whoop with joy, like I’ve won something.

When I get home I’m exhausted, I go upstairs and lay on the bed with Toby for a bit, contemplating going back to sleep but I don’t.

I cook myself an omelette with lots of veg for lunch, I’m hoping that by eating more fruit & veg this week it might give me more energy.

The husband goes to his mums & for once, I don’t secret eat, I don’t even want to!

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2020-06-21 16:26:00

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