Special Saturday

Saturday 6th June 2020

Today is a pretty special day, today for the first time in years, I can get up and sit in my living room on a weekend when we have the kids. Usually they are up early playing the computer in the living room, but now their bedroom is finished they are playing it in their room.
I am up early, having breakfast, watching a film. Utter bliss.

For the first time ever, I finished the week in a calorie deficit. I can’t tell you how proud of myself I am for finally doing it and it’s left me feeling more determined to do it again next week.

The deficit pays off as well as I have lost 4.7lb and 6.5cm, brilliant!
I’ve now watched the Jeffrey Epstein documentary on Netflix, which is really interesting, shows how the rich and famous can get away with things. Once that’s over, I decide I need some light reality TV. I scroll through Netflix. JACKPOT. Reak Housewives of Beverly Hills, I’ve seen a few random episodes but now I can fully binge from start to finish.

We decide to have a change from our usual Saturday night Indian takeaway, the boys all want Nando’s, I’ve already allocated the calories for what I’m having, I’m not particularly a Nando’s lover, but I’m actually looking forward to it.
That didn’t quite go to plan, sadly all the Nando’s near us are closed, the husband suggests getting a delivery from the Turkish restaurant we like. YES! I go on Uber eats and order. After a while it’s still hasn’t arrived, then the restaurant calls, they’ve sent our order and now they are getting other drivers turning up to collect our order. we are all getting hangry by now and it’s obvious this delivery isn’t going to turn up, so I panic order a Chinese takeaway instead, so many more calories than I had planned.

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