Slow down + Ease The Pressure = Avoid Exhaustion – A Self Care Solution

I should know better!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been spending about 90% of my waking moments working towards my goal of writing for a living.

I wake up and am straight online posting on platforms that I am unable to schedule posts on (or haven’t learned how to yet) I could wait until later in the day, but I find that a lot of people read posts first thing, myself included.

I meditate, do my self-reflection and review my to-do list for the day, apart from writing, I read other people’s articles and engage with other writers on the platforms as practically all the articles and books I’ve read say this is a huge factor in being a successful writer, it’s something I’ve found surprisingly fun.

On top of this, I’m trying (and failing) to keep a clean and tidy home, cook dinners, see friends and family, and generally have a life. I’m not complaining, I bloody love it. I finally feel like I have a purpose.

However, me being me, I have given myself a rather large to-do list, that I keep adding to and I know that it’s important to give myself some time off each week.

If I know I am going out for the day, I get up extra early to make sure I can get as many things ticked off of my to-do list as possible and get anything done I can, whilst I’m on the go, like writing this whilst on the train to meet my friend for lunch.

After a few days of feeling absolutely shattered, I’ve realised this isn’t sustainable and that I need to make sure I have some downtime each week. I need at least one day, where I do not have an endless to-do list and I can do whatever I please without putting pressure on myself

I have developed a rather all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to writing and sometimes I feel that if I don’t post something for a day, it’s a failing on my part, that if I don’t give it 1000%, I will never achieve my dream.

I need to remember that this is not the case. I know only too well, that if I don’t give myself some breaks I’m going to get overwhelmed, make myself unwell and I potentially take the enjoyment out of writing.

So what is my plan?

  • Have at least one non-writing day each week.
  • Write as much as I can in advance and schedule if possible.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Put my screens away.
  • Do activities I enjoy that have nothing to do with writing.

What will you do for yourself this week? ♥️

2022-07-13 13:14:00

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