A Brilliant TV Series You Absolutely Must See

I wasn’t going to write today, but I have just finished watching a series and have been telling all my friends about it and I thought it would be selfish not to share it with everyone here too.

The program is called Big Boys.

It’s written by Jack Rooke, who is the main character, played by the brilliant Dylan Llewellyn, who you may recognise from Derry Girls.

Jack has just lost his dad and deferred his first year at uni. When he starts he meets Danny, who he shares “accommodation” with. The Jack and Danny joke went through my head immediately, don’t worry, it’s explained.

Jack, who is yet to come out as gay, forms a wonderful friendship with Danny, who has some serious struggles of his own.

I loved the focus being on the straight best friend instead of the gay best friend, it’s something we rarely see.

Jon Pointing plays Danny beautifully and whilst I loved Jacks story, it was Danny that had be sobbing one minute and then snorting with laughter the next.
Every single cast member is brilliant and after watching the series in one go, I am seriously considering watching it again!

More please Channel 4, I want to follow the lives of Jack & Danny forever!

2022-07-16 13:13:23

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