Real Housewives obsessed.

Sunday 7th June 2020

I wake up early today, typical for a Sunday, although I did go to bed early last night.

I start the day with my new obsession, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I only take a break to watch my mind your fitness videos for the week. One included a video on a 36 hour fast. This isn’t a fast to lose weight, this is a fast to help you realise when you are truly hungry and to recognise true hunger, which is clearly a problem for me, as I convince myself that I actually am hungry quite often.

I’m planning on doing this on Wednesday, it’s my rest day from exercise and the husband is seeing the kids in the evening so I won’t be cooking a dinner. The plan is to go to eat Tuesday night around 8pm, sleep for 7-8 hours (please) then spend Wednesday drinking only water, no Coke Zero as caffeine suppresses the appetite and I’m trying to determine when I am really hungry, then I’ll go to bed, probably early, to finish the remaining hours of fasting, I will of course be documenting this on my blog as I can’t eat so I’ll need something to occupy my mind!

In a bizarre sort of way, I’m looking forward to it, I’m not sure the last time I felt truly hungry! I’ve never not eaten without a suppressant, whether that be caffeine or slimming pills, which FYI, I wouldn’t recommend.

I realise that I met my goals for last week of having less alcohol, so I need to have my reward, which is a book from my wish list, this week, order a book I’d been recommended call “the daily stoic”

The husband comes home from taking the kids home and I realise that the only thing I’ve watched all day is RHOBH, I even took my iPad with me when I had a bath. Time to change the channel!

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