Picnic & Paya

Thursday 28th May 2020

I am hanging like a conker this morning, we celebrated well yesterday. No rest for the wicked though, today I’m meeting my friend for a picnic. In Swindon. I could really do without the 2 hour drive but I know I will feel better for going out.

I arm myself with water & cans of Coke Zero and at 10:30, I leave the house.
The drive isn’t too bad and there isn’t much traffic on the road and I entertain myself with the latest Casefile true crime podcast.

When I arrive, my friend is in M&S picking up the goods and I follow him up the road to the park where we are picnicking.

We find ourselves a nice isolated spot overlooking the lake and spend a few hours sitting in the shade, eating and gossiping.

We leave around 4pm and again the traffic is fine until I hit the M25 and then my arrival time keeps changing, I end up with an extra 30 minutes on my journey but I am relieved to be home, I feel

The husband has gone golf so I settle down to watch Selling sunset and order myself a Chinese takeaway from Paya!

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2020-05-28 09:43:00

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