Pete the pigeon

Monday 17th August 2020

I need to tell you all about Pete.

Last Wednesday, the husband and I had the dreaded dentist. We were stood in the waiting area (the front garden) in the blazing sun, only to be told, our appointment was cancelled. The husband wasn’t happy, I was over the moon and said a silent thank you to the universe.

Back home, I happily make us some lunch, having evaded the invasive, when I hear a massive bang on the kitchen window and a pigeon clinging for dear life to the windowsill outside. I call the husband and we check outside, it’s clear the poor thing is exhausted. I take a bowl of water and some bird seed and put them on the floor and he greedily gobbles them up. I name him Pete.

After a while, I remember seeing something similar on Steve Stamps Instagram, he had pigeon visitor and it turned out to be a racing pigeon and you can report that you have found them and find the owner. I poke my head out the door and sure enough, Pete has rings around his ankles, the husband picks him up (he’s very tame) and I take the number and input the details on the RPRA website, now we have to wait for the owner to contact us. We get a lot of foxes in our area so we put Pete in tobys old carrier which he’s too big for now and bring him in overnight with some food and water. As you can imagine, Toby is quite put out by the new guest but decides to steer clear of him.

The next day we let Pete out in the garden, hoping that he can practice flying for a bit. Whilst we’re working, we hear a huge thud on the kitchen window, I look and can’t see Pete in his usual spot, he’s below the window looking dazed and has left a huge imprint on our kitchen window, where he has flown straight into it, he’s still too exhausted. I’m starting to feel glad in a way, as we keep hearing that if racing pigeons no longer race, they‘re killed!

Pete seems to quite like his new home and stays for another night, Toby is still refusing to go anywhere near him. This time Pete does fly off and we spy him on top of the shed 3 doors down, I’m sad but at least he can fly again.

Later that day, I’m on my zoom call with my team when I hear an almighty crash in the garden, then I see Pete scrabbling towards the open kitchen window. He’s back! He flaps around for a bit and then he’s off again. I think he was saying goodbye.

I also forgot to mention that the owner did get in touch, he was an 86 year old man and was very grateful that we looked after Pete, we’ve asked if he could let us know when he returns. I hope he gets home safe.

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