Overwhelmed and oversized

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Last night my dreams were slightly different, I was slim again, I was confident. I felt attractive. Then I woke up.
It left me feeling like a blimp. I feel miserable!

I spend the entire morning on work calls, I don’t even have time to eat breakfast, not a bad thing. My mood isn’t shifting either, I’m looking around the house, sick of the mess. I feel overwhelmed, like it’s just all too much. My brain is whirring away, so many thoughts I can’t even keep hold of one.

I have a call with my new boss, I get the impression that she is going to just leave us to get on with our jobs whilst supporting us, that will make a nice change. I come off of the call feeling slightly better, that’s one worry off of my mind.

Our shopping arrives, I have made a catastrophic error, I’ve ordered 2 bottles of Rose, one however is actually half a bottle, as in 37cl. Why did I not check the size?

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2020-06-23 16:32:00

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