Guilt shame and all the rest of it

Wednesday 24th June 2020

More disruptive sleep, waking up practically every bloody hour.

Needless to say, when I do eventually get up, I feel like crap. I’m so bloody tired.
As the morning goes on, the husband pops out, queue the idea of food popping into my head, I argue with myself
“Ooh what can I have?”
“ I’m not even hungry”
“but I’m so tired, I deserve a snack”
“I’m not a dog, I don’t reward myself with food”
“Who will know?”
“I will”
Eventually too tired to argue with myself I give in to a small bag of hula hoops
“Oh but they’re only small”
FFS two packets of hula hoops and mini cheddars later, I’m furious with myself.
The fury later turns into guilt and shame and leads me to having a little cry. What is wrong with me??

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2020-06-24 16:33:00

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