Oh the shame!

Monday 27th July 2020

I really enjoyed that chinese last night. Bloody glad as the bloody thing has added another 6lb to the scales!!! At least I am now aware of how erratic the scales are, otherwise this could have let to a rather big meltdown. My measurements have gone up by 2cm as well. Grr.

I take myself for a walk. I’m shattered, Toby doesnt seem to want me to sleep and insists on meowing until I get up and go downstairs with him, where he promptly falls asleep.

I do my weekly check in, I feel ashamed, I know last week could have gone so much better and I really do need to break my bad habits, I’m just so easily swayed, by my own brain!

That night, the husband and I watch a film called The invisible man, its a horror/thriller and I am very excited as I can rarely get the husband to watch a horror with me, not because hes scared, but because they are usually terrible! This one was an exception and I would absolutely recommend it.

When the film was finished, I was ready for bed. There was a film that had just started called Anthony, the husband was telling me he’d seen something about this on morning TV. I couldn’t stop watching, nor could I work out why the film was going backwards. All I will say its an absolute must watch, so well written and very moving.

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