My prayers have been answered

Friday 19th June 2020

You might want to get a tea/coffee/wine for this one.

Only today to get through, this is my mantra for the day. Just stay awake for as long as possible.

I spend the morning replying to some WhatsApp’s, I’ve been MIA this week and I feel guilty.

I catch up with my work WhatsApp group, they’re all suspicious of my boss as he too has been pretty absent this week, I put it down to the fact that I’ve not been in the office and he doesn’t have any answers. Apparently, he’s even been cancelling 121s and daily calls. Mine still sits in the calendar. FFS. I eagerly await a cancellation email that never comes.

Boss: “Halloo how are you?”
This is his standard greeting and he sounds like an owl.
Boss: “did you have a nice day off?”
Me – grumpy as fuck – “not really, I’ve spent most of the week asleep, I think it’s to do with my medication” I’ve realised I’ve reduced my dose by half now, no wonder I feel like shit.
Whilst I’m busy wittering on about myself, he is looking sadly into the camera (mine is always off)
Boss: “Actually, I have some news for you.”
My brain: ooh is he resigning? That means only 3 more months to deal with?
Boss: “The bank are getting rid of me”
Me: jumps up and down in front of the husband then pauses “oh I’m sorry to hear that”
Then husband is laughing and shaking his head.
My boss is waffling on but all I can feel is pure and utter relief, my nightmare is over.
All I hear are the words “costcutting” and “last day today” I just want to get off the phone and tell the world, but he ruins my fun one final time, saying it’s confidential and no one is supposed to know.
Bizarrely, he’s in a chatty moody, by chatty I mean trying to get me to acknowledge he was a good manager, that he did a lot for the bank and that basically he would be a loss. I can’t even bring myself to use words, so I just hum down the phone, happy my camera is off and he can’t see my face breaking grin.

He says he’s going to contact one of the girls who left last year about a job. I have to mute myself, this is my little Italian friend that left BECAUSE of him. This guy.

He tells me he’s told a couple of my colleagues, I wish him good luck and tell him to have a nice time when he goes to Spain, only realising when I end the call, that he may not be going now.

I message my parents, I feel a bit bad, but my dad quickly reminds me of how he’s made me and others feel and how he’s tried to throw us under the bus many times. His exact words were “if it were you, he wouldn’t bat an eyelid” So true

I call one of the guys I work with who he has told, we are just so relieved, we talk about what we hope for the team. I know I am not supposed to tell anyone else in the team but one girl is my level and deserves to know and the other has been as equally affected by him if not more than me, so she absolutely deserves to know. I message the first girl and say call me when she’s free. After a painful hour or so, she finally calls, I feel like I’m going to burst.

When I tell her, as she’s walking around Sainsbury’s, she is giddy, she’s in shock and can’t believe it, at one point I think she’s going to tell the cashier. By the time I get off the phone, it’s time for our daily call. Shit, maybe he’ll say something to everyone?

He still makes the whole team give him an update of their day. Why? Just one last hurrah. It doesn’t look like he’s going to tell everyone and there is an “Unknown” that keeps popping up on our call. I message my friend and ask if I can call her after, you know what her first response is? “Am I in trouble?” I feel so annoyed as this is how he’s made people feel!
I assure her she’s not. When I speak to her she actually shrieks, she shouts out to her boyfriend, he cheers. He’s affected so many peoples lives, and not in a good way.

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